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Ancient Shipwreck Peristeras

Ancient Shipwreck of Peristeras. The largest shipwreck of classic Civilisation was discovered by Kostas Mavrikis in the channel between Alonnisos and Peristera island, almost opposite the Steni Vala, the sea-side village of Alonnissos.

The ship, which was probably an Athenian cargo ship, sank to a depth of about 30 metres in around 425 – 415 B.C.

Its load was 3,000 – 4,000 wine amphoras from Mendi of Chalkidiki and Peparithos, today’s Skopelos, two of the most important wine-making town-states of the ancient Hellenic world.

Excavation revealed more important findings, such as black-painted vessels, one lead part of an anchor, plates, an oenochoe and a pot.

This cargo ship weighed more than 11 tonnes, which reveals, contrary to previous beliefs, that Greeks were extremely capable in shipbuilding, even of such size.

Systematic searching began in 1992 and were interrupted in 1994. The photographs that one diver took on behalf of National Geographic have not been published yet, as the Central Archaeological Council has not given permission.

Thus, the largest shipwreck in Greek seas remains “sunk” in Greek bureaucracy and the Aegean waters still cover its secrets.