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Alonnisos the island Name with double n

Alonnisos Island … How it got its name! Alonnisos island, Evonimos island, Liodromia or Chiliodromia island, Ikos island!

Whatever name you may want to state, choosing from all those given through time, from antiquity to today, nothing changes, as you will be mentioning the same beautiful place!

Alonnisos with 2 “n”s!

ALONNISOS – from ancient Greek “Alos” (salt) + Nisos (Nisos in Greek = island)

The phrase “island of salt” may have created the name of the island, just like in the case of the Peloponnese (Pelopos nisos).


Alonnisos today took its name in the first years of the liberation of Greece under King Othon, in 1838 A.D., by proposition of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in replacement of the previous name of the island Liadromia or Liodromia or Chiliodromia, and it does not coincide geographically with ancient Alonnisos !!

In antiquity the island was called Ikos, while as it became known later, the ancient Greeks referred to Kyra Panagia, the neighbouring island to the north, as Alonnissos.

Many people support that the previous name Liadromia comes from an alteration of “Diadromia”, relative to “Diaporia”, the difference being that the former is female, while the latter neutral.

In the Greek naval common language, Diaporia are usually small skerries in the Aegean Sea that leave narrow passages between them (dia = through, poros = small shallow passing) for boats to pass through; the formal name for this is “Diaporioi nissoi”.