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The municipality of Alonnisos. Following the administrative distribution of 2011 (Kapodistrias Plan), the administrative boundaries and the seat of the municipality of Alonnisos did not change as of 1 January 2011.  However, its administrative attachment was transferred from the Prefecture of Magnesia to the region of Thessalia.

It includes Alonnisos and the surrounding islands and islets.

The main villages of the island (which we will get to know in the relevant section) are picturesque Palia Alonnissos, Palio Chorio built on the top of the Hill with a dominating view, Patitiri, Rousoum Gialos and Votsi, built in exceptionally beautiful bays with the same names, picturesque Steni Vala and sea-side Kalamakia.

Unfortunately, as you will see, the traditional architecture of the area is preserved only in Palio Chorio, but efforts are being made by locals and other more modern villages to improve aesthetically, as they have the benefit of being built in wonderful sea-side areas blessed by nature, smothered in green and an spectacular coastline.

This may be the only element that may make you think that it is a shame these villages were not built like Palio Chorio.

There are about 2,800 permanent residents in the above villages. Alonnisos has been a municipality in itself since 1995, belonging to the Prefecture of Magnissia.

Analytically, the villages and islets that make up the municipality of Alonnisos are:

M.D. of Alonnissos [about 2,700 residents ],
Patitiri [ 1,697 ],
Agios Georgios (islet) [ 0 ] ,
Agios Petros [ 7 ] ,
Adelfoi (islet) [ 11 ] ,
Alonnisos [ 173 ] ,
Votsi [ 500 ] ,
Gerakas [ 24 ] ,
Gioura (or Gerontia) (islet) [ 0 ] ,
Isiomata [ 19 ] ,
Kalamakia [ 45 ] ,
Korakas (islet) [ 0 ] ,
Kyra Panagia (islet) [ 10 ] ,
Lechousa (or Lykorema or Lykourina) (islet) [ 0 ] ,
Marpounta [ 0 ] ,
Mourtero [ 65 ] ,
Peristera (islet) [ 5 ] ,
Piperi (islet) [ 2 ] ,
Prasso (or Gramiza or Grammeza) (islet) [ 0 ] ,
Prasso (or Praso or Prassou) (islet) [ 0 ] ,
Skantzoura (islet) [ 0 ] , Skantili (islet) [ 0 ] ,
Steni Vala [ 107 ] ,
Chryssi Milia [ 35 ] ,
Psathoura (islet) [ 0 ]

To the north and east of Alonnisos there are small uninhabited islands and skerries of exceptional beauty, none similar to another (e.g. from the totally mountainous and precipitous Gioura island, a land of exile, to the totally flat islet of Psathoura!) .

Alonnisos, together with the Northern Sporades uninhabited islands, make up an island complex of true natural beauty and exceptional ecological value, and this is why the National Marine Park of Alonnisos and the Northern Sporades was created in May 1992.

The geographical isolation of the area, the morphology, the limited degree of human intervention and the excellent condition of the natural environment make the landscape and the sea areas of the Park an ideal habitat for many endangered species of land and marine flora and fauna.

Do not mistake the National Marine Park of Northern Sporades for a closed area; it is a protected open area of about 2,200 sq. km., probably the largest protected marine area in the Mediterranean.

Its aim is to protect the ecosystems, along with the sustainable development of Alonnisos, the only inhabited island of the Park, with the least possible interventions.